Great is Thy Mercy

Its a privilege for me to have Chidera Ejeh write about God's Mercy and Grace here.  She is a Computer Science graduate from Landmark University.  After I read the first draft, a deep phrase(she used here) stuck with me and improved my perspective about God's plans for me. Thank you once again Chi for writing here. Dear … Continue reading Great is Thy Mercy


First impressions should not matter

While first impressions (and impressions in general) matter, I really think they shouldn't. Why? Short story : We are limited in our perception. There's more to a matter or person or belief than you see at just one glance (or several glances sometimes). Long story : Please read on Impression is a vague idea in which some … Continue reading First impressions should not matter

The day my friend drove a tractor

It was a wednesday. It was a morning. It was precisely the 6th of April, 2016. Standing amongst a few students in green overalls was my amazing friend, Joyce - A young whiz student in accounting. They were standing in green overalls because this particular day happened to a once-a-week event called farm practice. The … Continue reading The day my friend drove a tractor

The amazing not-to-do list

Activity doesn't necessarily mean productivity. Trust me, I know. Some time in 2015. I shift my gaze to my computer once more earnestly hoping for electricity to be restored. My battery's flat. Too flat for anything useful to be done. Resting my eyes on the black metallo-plastic machine, I make a mental checklist of all the things to … Continue reading The amazing not-to-do list