2016 wraps up

A few hours shy of 366 days ago, I was praying. I was prancing up and down the little walkway I had made in the church I worshipped that cold crossover night in the little town of Bacita. I was in 2015. I of course had never been into 2016. I had no idea what surprises laid ahead of me. I had expectations and I wanted them to come to pass. Because I’m a Christian, praying is one of the ways I’m used to in letting God know about my plans and wishes and fears so I was praying asking God to help me with these requests.

I’m presently on a trip from my home town to Bacita with a stopover in the biggest city in Kwara State – Ilorin and I’m writing, nostalgic, reminiscing the triumphs God has given me. God preserved my family, friends and I, My brother married to the love of His life, two of my sisters passed important exams, one of my sisters gave birth to an amazing baby boy, I finished Uni this year with a good grade and a whole basin list of all God has done for me and my family. All this year. For everything, I’m thankful, very grateful. God has been amazing in spite of my shortcomings which happened many times this year.

I’m looking at 2017 and I am quite calm. The same God that saw me through 2016 isn’t on a power nap. He’s well and alive. But that isn’t even the purpose of this article. The entire essence is giving credit to whom credit is due for my 2016 and my life in general.

To God Almighty, maker of Heaven and earth, thank you very much for your visible hands wroughting wonders in my life. I appreciate you and bless Your Holy name. You are King and King alone. I would forever praise your Holy Name.

Thank you. Very much more than I can express. Thank you dear God.

Omo yin(your child),
Samuel Agbede.

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