Great is Thy Mercy

Its a privilege for me to have Chidera Ejeh write about God’s Mercy and Grace here.  She is a Computer Science graduate from Landmark University.  After I read the first draft, a deep phrase(she used here) stuck with me and improved my perspective about God’s plans for me. Thank you once again Chi for writing here. Dear readers, be blessed as your read on.

I probably shouldn’t be the one writing this post but this is the summary of my life. God’s love.

I’m not very prayerful, I try, maybe not my best but I try and I’m getting there, but there’s one thing I never forget to do: acknowledge God’s grace upon my life. I like to talk about it everywhere I can, maybe more aggressive than I should. I know lots of people who think I probably don’t have problems, I hardly ever complain about anything (except my books), lol and I’m pretty confident about everyday, I have people who think I’m basically the happy-go-lucky person, but some of this is not true. I may not complain much except about the shallowest of things but I’m human. Nobody knows the worst of what’s going on in my life. I have fears,  I have worries but what keeps me confident is that I know how much of God’s love I’m immersed in. I know that God is going to walk me through this phase (or whatever phase it is as long as my focus is on Him) . I wake up every morning with just one prayer, maybe two. For God’s grace to abide with me and for his steadfast love to encompass me everyday of my life. You know, my best worship song is the one about the steadfast love of God never ceasing and and his mercies never coming to an end.

You might have lost a parent, or someone really close to you, I’ve lost no one close to me but think about the times you yourself could have died and yet, here you are. This should be a constant reminder that God has a purpose for your life. Death might not be the worst that can happen to someone. Yes it changes people, but there are others who wish for death because their life is a living hell. You might have even lost everything you’ve ever loved one way or the other and as a result of our issues, some small, some bigger than us, we forget what God says to us in his holy book. He says “My Grace is sufficient for you”. If we ever hold on to that Word of Life(and walk with God) then we’d experience a divine turnaround, because God’s Grace, God’s Mercy is a constant reminder of His Steadfast Love towards us. We think we’re the worst version of suffering, but have you seen what God does? He uses the worst of people, the ones who have nothing to hold on to, people who should have no hope whatsoever and still do even at that, to show us the depth of his love for us.

I love the song ‘Great is thy mercy’ by Donnie McClurkin, because of how much he expresses the love of God upon his life, upon all our lives. It’s a constant reminder of how God keeps us, The Bible says in 2 Corinthians 1 vs 8b, ‘We were under great pressure, far beyond our ability to endure, so that we are even despaired of life. Vs 9b says ‘but this happened so that we might not rely on ourselves but on God, who raises the dead.’ So you see? Never lose hope in God. Don’t stop trusting Him because He is forever faithful. We all know the song ‘Count your blessings’ but do we really try it?

I do everytime I’m feeling down, like literally, and I’m happy because I know God’s plan for me is perfection in the long run. 

Chidera Ejeh can be reached on her Facebook page.


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