First impressions should not matter

While first impressions (and impressions in general) matter, I really think they shouldn’t. Why?
Short story : We are limited in our perception. There’s more to a matter or person or belief than you see at just one glance (or several glances sometimes).
Long story : Please read on

Impression is a vague idea in which some confidence is placed (WordWeb dictionary)

One night many months ago while I was in the Uni (Landmark University, Omu-Aran), I returned to the hostel after a tiring day out.
Fatigued, I was moving to my room when I met my amazing friend – Oluwatosin Oyeleke. ‘Samuel, follow me’ – He said. I was tired and was wondering what in the world Tosin was about to do. I don’t remember why I followed but I did. He took me to a room and showed me some of my clothes. I had washed them many hours before then, spread them and moved out. Rain fell that day and I had sorta given up hope about my clothes being saved. I was indifferent. Tosin saved my clothes from rain. He saved my clothes from rain (Omu-Aran rain for that matter). I was struck and touched. If I was to take at face-value Tosin’s seeming command, I would have probably responded harsly and hurt him and He helped me.

Over and over again, I’ve been disappointed. Good disappointments though. Just when I think I get the hang of a situation (especially as relating with an individual or person), I realize(usually) at around the last minute(either before I make a decision or after I do) that things were not as they seemed to be.

Things are not as they seem. Many times.

Chimamanda Adichie gave a fantastic talk on ‘The dangers of a single story’. A single story is your perception based on closely related information about a particular situation or thing from particular sources. The talk was amazing and perspective changing.

  1. Taking the talk a little further, I believe no matter the variation or number of stories you have, they still sum up into a ‘single story’. Because we operate through perception, the higher the number of stories, the higher the probability of making great decisions. Thats it. Just a higher probability of making great decisions except you happen to know Someone who had all the information and who is a discerner of people’s hearts and intentions.

Very fortunately, I know SOMEONE. :).

His name is God. He knows everything so the next time you need to make a decision like where to work, where to live, WHO TO MARRY. Ah. WHO TO MARRY!!!!!!!!! You need God’s direction. God’s specific direction. Only then would you have made the most appropriate and accurate decisions that would benefit just not the present but even the future.

First impressions matter, I believe they shouldn’t.



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