I leave school in a few days

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In 5 days – July 15th 2016, I would be convocating from my University. The truth is while I look forward to living life after school, I am very used to the life I live now.

The heated football arguments down my floor, my taking early morning walks to chapel services, crash-reading for impromptu tests, my grim determination not to sleep during boring lectures, the sound of roaring laughter when a class mate says ‘rowbowtics’ instead of ‘robotics’, the inspiration I get from hearing my chancellor speak, watching my friends code and talk, listening to some of my lecturers. These are few of the many things I would miss. I would never be on a street with my male course mates as neighbors, I would never have to dress corporately every day of the week, I would never have to hear the sound ‘beep’ when I scan my ID card for chapel service attendance, I would never have to leave my room to the balcony outside to get internet access, I would never have to do almost allnighters because of Bsc exams the next morning. I would never walk down the chapel’s hallways giving hi fives to my friends as I go by, I would never have to do a lot of things. As nature abhors vacuum, I would have a new set of things to do. A large subset of this set are things I have never done before.

I presently attend an amazing University – Landmark University. She is 5 years old and nothing short of amazing. I’m studying computer science and the journey has been very impactful and interesting. The past few days have been filled with teachings and admonitions of how the world after Uni education would be like and like I wrote earlier I know beyond a doubt, I would have to explore and do new stuff.

I would have to plan for the next phase of my life.
I would have to start a never-tried-before trip into post graduate life.
I would have to start thinking of settling down – specializing in fields in Computer Science.
I would have to start thinking of marriage.(Scratch that).
I would have to work smart because I would never recover every hour that passes by.

It is quite interesting that despite the knowledge of all these ‘duties’ I am confident. Quite confident. Very confident. What makes me so confident of my future is my belief in God and the amazing plans He has and the way He turns everything for my good. I’ve never experienced the life I would start living soon but because I would be walking, working through life with God by my side, I trust He’ll guide me right through it. Like someone said ‘Amazing things happen when I decide to work with God’. I have made that decision.

There is something so mysterious about my confidence that I could probably never express in words. It has to do with a bible verse I love – ‘All things work together for good to them who love God’ : Romans 8:28.
I know I would have to live a very abnormal(positively) life. I know but I’m confident. I know I would have to work really hard despite knowing God’s plan is wonderful and mind-blowing. I know I would have to be very receptive to His leading. I know.

The journey of a thousand miles begins not with the first step but with the decision to make the journey. I believe I just took my first step – Committing my future into God’s hands just believing and making the decision to take the journey.

I may not be ‘prepared’ but I believe I am ready for life.

I’ll keep you posted as I live through my life. 🙂

Meanwhile, congratulations to me!


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