The day my friend drove a tractor

It was a wednesday.
It was a morning.
It was precisely the 6th of April, 2016.

Standing amongst a few students in green overalls was my amazing friend, Joyce – A young whiz student in accounting. They were standing in green overalls because this particular day happened to a once-a-week event called farm practice.
The only difference from other farm practice days for these students was that in a few minutes Joyce would be on the driver seat of a wait-for-it tractor. Pardon. A TRACTOR!!!!

“This would be a disaster” – a young student standing a few feet away mumbled. Circling at least a 50-feet radius, the entire student body present that day were clear. They had moved as far away from the tractor as possible. Joyce was on the tractor and she was about to attempt to move it for a ride. To make matters worse, she had never driven anything in her life – except for one small bicycle like that. Needless to say, she had no driver’s license.

Sitting in the driver’s compartment – flanked by two young men Joyce looked ahead. Even the lizards had cleared off. She could see straight into the future. Lol. There was nothing blocking her view.

Mumbling a prayer and holding the steering as tightly as she could. Taking one last breath, she released her legs gently from the clutch.
Five minutes later, three people were down.

The three people on the tractor had stepped off. :). The young lady had just moved the tractor and not just that – she moved it pretty well. Fast forward like 20 minutes and she was telling me this story.

I remember I kept on saying something along the lines of ‘Wow. That’s major. Wow. That’s some amazing stuff you did there. Wow’. The word ‘Wow’ wasn’t far away from my lips. **I guess it just proved that we could do whatever we wanted to do irrespective of our ‘qualifications’ to do them. Sometimes, we systemize and
‘scientize’ things so much that we don’t even get to start.**
I’m not in any way advocating for crazy leaps or a lack of analysis in any situation properly. I’m saying we shouldn’t let the understanding of the situation paralyze us from giving it a shot.

Jay did drive the tractor even though it was the first time she would attempt that. She drove the heavy machine despite the fear that was probably knawing at her. She drove despite the fact that she had not even driven a car. She drove the tractor. She drove the tractor.

Truth is, we have the potential to do ‘crazy’ things irrespective of present state. Peter walked on water even though he had not probably even imagined it.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. – Phillipians 4:13.

Maybe we should just get doing sometimes instead of overanalyzing.
Take a leap of faith doing something. kill your fears.

Disclaimer – I added a few story lines and wordings based on my imagination. The main story however remains true. Joyce did drive the tractor.
I use the word ‘crazy’ to mean something very cool and nice.

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