I lost all because of one

I’ve come across a few people who communicate great truths in simple words, simple expressions and simple stories. One of such people is Femi Oladeji – my senior friend and brother. I asked him a few days back to write a guest post here and I’m glad he obliged. I was in no way disappointed when I went through the article as I kept on having those ‘hmm moments’ you get when you listen to a spoken word. This particular piece attacks the not-so-simple notion of letting go. So here! Be blessed as you read on.

It was like every other boring Saturday of complete inactivity. After sleeping and waking up several times with absolutely nothing to do mum came home and we both knew what that meant. Her presence has a way of instantiating all the “classes” that has several chores functions in them and as she took a long gaze at me I could sense that she was about to drop the Thor hammer and gbam! She did not disappoint.

I was told to pluck the leaves of the popular “ewedu” – my favourite soup in case you don’t know. I had no excuse whatsoever after all there was no electricity and I didn’t want my dinner to be at stake so I stripped my clothes, did like 50 push-ups, jogged round the house about 10 times and did some other things I know you would not believe so I’ll keep them to myself.

Yes it was time to kick off and I was reluctantly diligently plucking all the leaves that were visible to my eyes (there was no microscope to help out). Perhaps my subconscious mind was telling me if I did very well my ration may be substantially increased. That’s the kind of thought that will get me pass the 50kg mark but that’s a story for another day. Then the turning point came, a wayward leaf fell out of my hand despite all my attempts to stop that from happening. I wanted to just overlook it and allow him to experience the harsh life outside of the bowl but my unnecessary compassion got the better of me and as I stretched to pick it up I mistakenly poured the whole bowl away.

Yeah, I know, tragic right? I started hissing almost uncontrollably, rage and anger got the better of me and to make matters worse my mum gently whispered “just because of one”.

It was at that point I realized a lot of us have actually poured the whole bowl away just because of one wayward leaf. We thought it was the reasonable thing to do. We felt that it’s what makes us complete. We’ve painted this picture of having it all so much that we fail to realize there is strength in sometimes letting go. It’s a wayward leaf anyway, it’s a wayward passion, it’s a wayward feeling, it’s a wayward desire, it’s a wayward friend, it’s a wayward idea, it’s a wayward thought, it’s a wayward… you’ll just pour the whole bowl away if you don’t let go.

Back to my sad story, I stooped down, left all I was doing and started picking the leaves but I could not recover all. I ended up letting go of a lot more than one leaf.

It was a tough way to learn an important lesson, not everything in life is worth holding on to, sometimes we just have to let go.

I hope and pray God gives us the wisdom to know when to let go and when to hold on.

Femi Oladeji can be reached on his twitter page. If he’s not on his computer programming or watching a ted talk, it’s either because there’s no electricity or he has some chores to do (which sometimes revolve around adding value).


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