“The Student put in 17 seeds”

Many many Fridays ago, I was having a farm practice session and the lecture amongst other things spoke about Maize.
Whilst referring to a planting session we once had, he said some students put in 17 seeds instead of the average 3. Now while that was funny, it carried a subtle message.

The implication of that was there wasn’t enough nutrients for those seeds and they ended up not growing well.

A parallel of that in life could be described using what I call “the here, there and everywhere kind of people” – those people who always try be jack of all traits irrespective of their strengths and weaknesses.

Mike Murdock was talking on ways to simplify life and he mentioned focus. According to him, focus makes you blind and gives you best results. I totally believe him.
Ifeoluwa Adegoke said paraphrase “Beckham isn’t known for dancing or swimming, he’s known for dramatic free kicks. Bolt is not known for singing, he’s known for running. Ben Carson is known for neurosurgery not boxing” and the list goes on. These people have something in common, putting few seeds so the soil would have enough nutrients for the seeds.
Simplify your life, don’t be here, there and somewhere. Focus on specific things and trust me, with enough focus, you’d be a reference point in that field producing amazing results just like the maize stand having good fat cobs.
How many seeds do you have in your hole?


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