Three lessons learnt from the 2015 Nigerian Presidential Election


The historic 2015 Nigerian presidential election held on March 28, 2015

Quickly I scribble three lessons personally learnt from the elections

1. Never give up – Adeola Fayehun of Keeping It Real(a very enlightening news show) mentioned this too in her show.
General Buhari of the then opposition party APC was contesting for the fourth time this election. You probably wouldn’t grasp what that entailed but visualize getting your hopes up, going round the country for campaigns, strategizing and re-strategizing , pouring in time, energy and money into ensuring a successful outcome and then you probably have a clue.
Did I mention that Buhari is 72? Oh yeah, he kept on keeping on. He just had to achieve his dream of becoming President and he did after 4 times of contesting.
He eventually did win the elections and I’m so excited he did.

2. Don’t be so dogmatic in your analysis
This past Presidential election showed me how people made very many interesting analysis. Let me share some

– Shori, Buhari lo ma win but won ma rig e (means Buhari would win but the polls would be rigged)
– Jonathan has won already
– The elections would be very bloody and so on.

Sometimes even if you seem sure of certain things, give allowance for a peradventure


3. You would never be in the same place forever – Probably my favorite lesson,
try to make the most out of wherever you are, make a difference helping people. They never forget. You can never literally live forever in your comfort zone.

I wrote this little piece on a journey, I hope it touches you as it did me

He signs out
His Knowledge backed up with 6 years of experience
You can never be in a spot for so long
Sooner or later, Change emerges

Wishing the incoming administration the best.


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