Nigerians Share their favourite Nigerian Gospel Songs(Part 1)

I believe Nigerian youths have no excuse for not listening to Nigerian Gospel songs.

From the genre of Rap to RnB, we have amazing artists covering the gospel music ground. Most of em are probably not ‘inspired'(Topic for another day).

So, i did a survey in my office and on BBM to know the favourite gospel songs of some Nigerians.

Here we go! Please feel free to download or listen to em by just clicking on them.

1. Isaiah Afolayan (Computer Programmer and Project Manager) 

Solomon Lange – Nagode
Sinach – More of you

2. Wunmi Ikumapayi(Computer Science Student)
Sinach – I know who i am
Lara George – Halleluyah

3.Yinka Adeniyi(Computer Science Student and Fashion Enthusiast. 🙂 )

Frank Edwards – Oghene Doh

4. Emeka Onyebuchi(Business Mogul and Computer Science Student)

IbuChukwu – Tim Godfrey and others

5.  Temitope Olotin (Android Developer)

6. Etiene Ubeh(Computer Science Student and Fitness Enthusiast.)

6. Femi Abolaji(UI/UX Consultant/ Bass Guitar Enthusiast)
Tim Godfrey – Igbo Medley
Sinach – More of you

7. Faith Ajetomobi(Computer Science Student and Catering)

Sinach – I know who I am

8. Femi Oladeji(Server Side Programmer)

Tim Godfrey – We dey hail you
Tim Godfrey – Mma Mma ya 

9. Beejay Smith(BioChemist and Medical Enthusiast)

Preye – Ebezina

10. Eit Neves(Professional Keyboardist and Medical Enthusiast)

Midnight Crew ft Game Man – E Gimme Money
SimpliMicheal – Gba gbo gbo ogo

11. Peace Ayegba (Computer Science Student and Hollandia Youghort fan)

Preye – Ebezina

Feel free to share yours.. :). Cheers


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