Landmark University

Ladies and Gentlemen, *Drum rolls and trumpets*
I introduce to you Landmark University.

For those of you who think it’s in Canada, well you are close, it’s in Omu-Aran,Nigeria. 🙂
You are probably wondering why i wrote about this. Yes?  So let me explain.
First of all, it’s my lovely Uni. I am in my third year there.
I know that’s not a very important reason but more importantly, there are very deep, of course subtle lessons to be learnt.

By the way, for those who think Omu-Aran is in Zimbabwe, Start reading from the top again. 🙂

Omu-Aran is the capital of a local government called Irepodun. It is the third largest city in Kwara State. It is more of a rural settlement. Click here to know more about Omu-Aran.


I know it is very natural to assume that Landmark University is a rural highly limited University but think again!
Landmark University is the 2nd best private University and the 8th best University in Nigeria. Yeah..Check the stats
LU is Internationally recognised and its graduates are sought after. By the way, it is the sister university of Covenant
University, Ota.

So the main reason behind this write up is this
Put simply
Your location doesn’t define you. Your background or where you come from doesn’t define you!
You define you!

Never ever use your background as an excuse for any failure you face in Life. By background, I also mean your family or where you live.

Guess what?

You can do great things in your community irrespective of whether it is a village or a mega city.

Micheal Faraday came from a poor family yet did amazing things science is yet to recover from. Infact, he is referred to as one of the most influential scientists in history!

Lee Kuan Yew, is a former Singaporean prime minister popularly acclaimed to be the main force behind the rebrand of Singapore from a third world to a highly developed Country. If he was discouraged by where he found himself, Singapore may still be a third world country.

Bishop David Oyedepo, a man from Omu-Aran has grown to be a world impact. He built Landmark University.

Barack Obama of Kenyan descent became the President of the United States of America. Need I say more?

Who would have thought?

Interestingly, people who come from rich backgrounds also let that particular background limit them. They do not see any reason why they should strive to make impacts and they just sadly blend with the masses.

Who would have thought many years back that man fro Omu-Aran would grow to create a highly respected University in such a rural environment?

Truly, the only limitations we face are the ones we choose to accept.

Live right. Cheers!


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