Many years back, Two viral statements hit this terrestial space.
In order of Succession : “Life is too Short” and YOLO
To my readers who don’t know what YOLO means. It means Yellowish Orangutanious Languid Overflow.

Just Kidding, Yolo means You Only live once.
I used to really love this principle.
Like for instance
images (1)

I totally admit that these statements have elements of truth and are totally useful but right now,
my worst fears have come to pass.

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome Extremism.
This monstrous belief system has always found ways of converting useful philosophical beliefs into dreaded and simply dangerous ways of life.
Uh? Yes you! You Extremism!
ISIS, Boko Haram..Need i say more?
Like SLK said, Welbeck to the mata(Well back to the matter)
Life is too short and YOLO (at least to me) then meant you shouldn’t go on wasting time doing things that don’t make you better.
You shouldn’t let worries bug you down. I so loved and still love this ideology.

But erm now..
My dear extremists have done their work again. Life is too short and YOLO now mean “You can do whatever you like, whenever you like and wherever you
like”.That prolly doesn’t mean much till you examine closely.
Arish for instance can decide to jump off a bridge on New Year. Thomas can smoke his lungs out on Tuesday and Buthane,yes lovely Buthane can decide to fail JAMB.
These extant extreme beliefs have turned morality into mockery.
You now hear statements like
You hear something like #LifeIsTooShortForYouTo not to smoke and drink till your brains go out.
Well, i do know Life is quite short to do things that would make it shorter.

So i came up with #LifeIsNotTooShort

We(My Sister, BJ and i) have come up with truthful statements solely with the intention of bringing out the truth in this lovely-turned-depraved ideology.


#LifeIsNotTooShort for you to love people.
#LifeIsNotTooShort for you to be sociable.
#LifeIsNotTooShort for you to be a philanthropist. Some one once said , Every one you meet is going through a battle you don’t know about, be nice!
#LifeIsNotTooShort for you to make someone smile everyday.
#LifeIsNotTooShort for you to add value to people’s lives
#LifeIsNotTooShort for you to experience true joy
I believe you get the picture. Go on. Add yours. Spread the word #LifeIsNotTooShort on twitter.

Forget the time you have left and live Life right. Cheers!


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