“This is brother Christopher..”

To me, 21st November was merely another Friday, only differences were that it was Landmark University’s(my school) matriculation day and I was going to meet my friend’s or probably friends’ parents.

So, I walked around, went to the cafeteria(Matriculation days are quite good days to get better food,I didn’t later get food in the morning sha), I did some other stuff then I went to the old college building and was heading back to the Chapel when very close to the chapel, I saw Praise coming towards my direction with his mum, Praise is one of my guys in 100 level. This dude is one cool guy, he seemed so close to his mum as he put his hands around her shoulders and was talking and walking with her. Out of courtesy, I stopped to greet them and of course, planned to move on as soon as possible but no, Praise was not done with me, he introduced me to his mum and said…wait for it “This is brother Christopher”. Why he even said brother I’m not sure to this moment, okay he’s one very respectful guy :), why he chose Christopher, I don’t know either, he could have chosen a very short name like Thomas or something.

I know Praise is a very nice guy and prolly forgot my name or does not even know my name and didn’t mean to just blurt out something, but I believed he could have just said, this is one of my friends in 300 level and so on. Anyway, thank God I didn’t laugh out.,We talked for some time, then I moved to the Chapel.

Just this morning, I was talking with my room mate and I was telling him a quote that says “Speak when your words are more beautiful than silence..”That’s some deep stuff, Praise’s words were beautiful funny words..but erm, not every time. Imagine you calling a bully(a big one, whose name is Tom) Fatai or one funny name like that sha.

Through out the duration of the convo, I was brother Christopher. It didn’t hurt or anything, it was just and still is plain funny, funny!

I agree that I sometimes talk when I should not have or I should have something more meaningful to say, but I know I have to improve and I’m working towards it!

Please, If you don’t know something or about something, don’t talk about it, if you don’t have anything to say, don’t talk, if you have forgotten my name is Samuel, don’t call me Christopher..:), if you are very angry and can curse anything, don’t talk, if you are too happy and may hurt someone’s feelings, don’t talk..just don’t”

Words are priceless, someone once compared words to eggs, once spoken, they can not be taken back..

Please use them carefully..

Speak when.

As for my friend Praise, I guess he’ll laugh when he sees this..


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