Just a little more patience..

Several days back, in my school, i went to the bank..

The banks..most, if not all landmark uni students hate the banks. They dont open on time, one of them actually never opens for days at a stretch. The atms(3) between them dont work every time. When one of them works, the long queue there is enough to trigger emotional trauma! Okay,that was too much..the queue can give a hungry student enough anger(which of course, doesnt have any reasonable root since its meant to be directed at the bank or school or something)..blah blah blah..the tales go on and on. Actually it isnt even really the banks fault. 🙂

After waiting with some students outside(the door was locked to avoid having a crowd in the bank), it was decided that the students should push the door as hard as possible when someone came out. That actually happened. we all entered the bank and of course some hope started glowing in me.

I was terribly hungry.Infact,the last ‘provs’ i had was oats and probably sugar. if i had good garri, i definitely would have been :)ier. i didnt want to borrow, so i found time to come to the bank, to wait for as long as they operated.

Here i was,in the bank with my friends and other students, we waited, tick tock tick tock, time sailed by, no one answered us, we started complaining, People begged the lady at the computer desk. i personally begged, telling her that though she had every right to leave us. it was past their closing time, she should please help us.. we begged, some shouted. by then, some had left. the lady after some talk, said she was going to offa. Eeeehn! Offa ke? Like a lion seeing his meal evading him, we were not pleased at all.You can imagine. ‘Lock the door o’, some one said. Our heroine of the day(a girl named joy). stood at the door, and said nobody was leaving or coming in till she had her money. By that time, i woulda gone to the hostel since the glowing hope started to ‘deglow’. one thing led to the other and she started crying. someone in the bank(another student) said joy had asthma. After some time, our heroine went down on the floor. I could imagine, she didn’t
have enough money and she needed to withdraw fast fast. People consoled her, pointing the computer lady to her begging to give her money. By then, the security man had called another bank guy(probably the manager), added jara that people were fainting..We lined up in a queue, of course with the door shut(anyone who didnt suffer with us wouldnt enter). i got my money,thanked the woman, thanked Joy and went to the cafeteria straight. End of story.

#main point exactly
i guess one major point i learnt from this amazing story is that we should never give up. Funny as it probably seems, right? Well, no matter the curcumstances, there’ll always be a way. If i had given up, i wouldn’t have withdrawn. The scenario in your(dear reader) case may not be in a bank, it may be a job you’re waiting for, a journey you need to make, grades you need to get? I ono..There’ll always be a RIGHT WAY to get it. sometimes, you need waiting, a test of faith. it builds your endurance.
Think of it, what if Thomas Edison had given up?
what if Albert Einstein gave up?
what if Louis Pasteur gave up?
what if your mother gave up before she gave birth to you?
what if Jesus had given up?
what if you give up? you’ll have a lot to lose.
Walt Disney said ” the difference in winning and losing is most times, not quitting”
the bible says in matthew 10;22B..’..he that endureth to the end shall be saved’
I think its safe to say ‘he who never gives up and does the right things is more than worthy with God by his side to receive what he needs as long as it’s God’s will for the person. Pray,work, be right with God, NEVER GIVE UP. Cheers.



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