I had a spelling bee sometime ago, This year.. Prepped hard for it. I was also writing my neco but I worked hard to achieve a nice feat in this bee.
From the first round, I did well,My close friend also did so well..The final round was more difficult, The tension became so thick you could cut it with a knife,Words became thicker and to God be the glory I came third..
There are many lessons to learn from this supposedly life-irreconcilable story. There are a great many lessons to learn as we all face competitions.. the girl wearing fancy clothes in class, the guy competiting with you for first position, the boy bringing an iphone to school,yada yada yada…
Most of us consciously or unconsciously prepare for the inevitable competitions.. We need to have God on our side.. A maxim says one with God is majority.If God be for us….
I missed a question in the bee that I knew..I guess it’s like that, Sometimes we miss things we know..
What am really getting at is :IN ALL competitions, Three things need to be very fine, Your relationship with God, Your relationship with others and you need to be calm in the heart..
With these, Competitions would be passed easily.
Pls note: You don’t have to be the first all the time..

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