Facing challenges

Life has so many challenges..the best thing to do sometimes is to chill and let your maker handle your situation.he is a marvelous and wonderful God.Even if a mother forgets about her child,God will never forget us.We are the apple of his own eye.this applies to his lovely children,the christians.God’s eyes can’t behold iniquity so he hates the sin in sinners not the sinners themselves.There are many times,you face a difficulty and you start panicking.Remember,you have a creator and father that is greater than all the troubles in this world so why not just cast all your burdens upon him for he truely cares for you.One other good thing to do when facing a challenge is to have a positive mind.remember the woman in the bible whose son died,she said to the man of God,it is well.remember with God all things are possible and God won’t let us exceed our ‘breaking temptation’.Finally,depend on God and have a positive mindset..have a nice day.


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